OMMI SPA, established in 1963, is since more 40 years one of the world leading Companies in the designing, manufacturing, and commissioning of fibre blending plants, for any type of textile production .
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Exporting the 80% of its whole production, OMMI plants are present in almost all the Countries of the world, and each one of these plants is unique, since all of them are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of every single customer.

Since its establishment, OMMI has been managed by its founders, and even if they are still present at the top of the Company, in the last ten years also the new generation is operating in the Company, bringing in modern systems and new technologies in the ideation and designing, as well as the manufacturing of new machines and plants .

Expert technicians and commercial collaborators, with experience in this sector, and who use the most updated systems of computerized mechanical and electronic planning, which are integrated in the global communication net, complete the OMMI staff .

The continuous investments in the applied research are a guarantee for new technical solutions, simple and reliable, which promptly meet the continuous market requirements .

The realisation, installation and starting up of our plants is carried out by high skilled operators, who use modern equipments; the post-sale organisation ensures a quick and efficient service of technical assistance and supply of spare parts for all our customers, all over the world .

In summary, the actual production program of OMMI includes machines and plants for:

Opening, cleaning and blending woollen and semi-worsted spinning .
Opening, cleaning and blending of small lots.
Cleaning, blending and automatic feeding of cards for the production of tops.
Opening and blending for the production of Non Woven .
Opening, cleaning and blending for the production of high pile .
Opening and blending for the Open End spinning.
Opening, cleaning and blending for greasy wool.
Fibre regeneration plants.
Opening and blending for special fibres (such as glass fibres, carbon, cellulose, etc.).
Opening, cleaning and blending for valuable fibres.
By our catalogue you can get an idea of our actual production program, keeping in mind that our staff would be glad to meet you to discuss its contents in details .