Company founded in 1963 in Prato in Tuscany – Italy – for over 100 years the largest European textile district.

Today it is driven by the second generation of founding members.

OMMI born of the thrust of the post-war development of the Prato textile industry to modernize the technology for the opening of fibers bales, fibers mixing and the carding plants feeding for the production of fancy yarns, wool, cotton yarns and so on.

Over the years, the company diversified its action by adding to the traditional textile-clothing sector, new technologies for automatic handling, pressing, unloading the cakes in fi ber dyeing and bleaching plants.

A new division specialized in opening, blending and card feeding systems for the non-woven sector was also created.

In 1990 OMMI launched, together with other partners, the Italiana Rigenerazione Srl, a company specialized in tearing and re-opening of textile waste.

Later on OMMI definitively incorporates the IR’s technology and with the Recoline® patent the division for the regeneration of fibers from textile waste and production waste is strengthened both in the textile sector and in the non-woven sector, satisfying the world’ growing need to reduce textiles waste, by improving the quality of re-generated textile fibers aimed to achieve long fibers that should be used in primary industrial processes.

OMMI machines and systems are now present in over 40 countries on 5 continents.