OMMI srl is present with its own technologies in 4 areas of the Textile World: spinning and dyeing, fiber regeneration and non-woven fabric.The technological solutions developed by the company and consolidated in over 50 years of history and installations on 5 continents, relate to the handling and management of fibers both in the initial stages of the production cycles of the textile or technical textiles industry and at the end of the life cycle of textile based garments and fabrics.

The fibers constitute always a great potential for their reuse, recycle and regeneration in new cycles of the textile process and finally in new products. An experience with roots in a long and historical tradition, up-to-now successfully alive in the largest European textile district, Prato in Tuscany, since the early twentieth century.

The new patented Recoline® technology is the synthesis of this experience: fibers are a technical capital as well as a miracle of nature or a great discovery of science, which must be preserved and enhanced to produce quality and beauty or usefulness for man and the environment as well. OMMI offers technology in line with the principles of the Circular Economy and Industry 4.0.

The international experience acquired by OMMI assures customers reliability, innovation while preserving the flexibility necessary to meet dedicated needs.