Ommi at Index 2021

It will finally be possible to meet us on live – and alternatively on virtual mode – at the next INDEX fair in Geneva (Switzerland) at booth No. 1253. Index show is scheduled from 19 to 21 October next.

On oct 21st in the morning session of INDEX conference, Marco Benedetti of OMMI will get an open speech to introduce the theme of the sustainability of the textile cycle as now required by the global market: what news from technological point of view about the recovery and re-use of fibers from textile waste? OMMI engineered a patented solution for fabrics waste and used garments but also light, heavy and bulk nonwovens which are made not only with widely used and apparently commodity raw materials such as cotton fibre or valuable fibers such as cashmere or silk but also with high tech fibers used in technical textiles’ production such as high modulus aramid fibers or electrostatic ones like  carbon fibre. The goal is to support an effective green revolution thanks to  technology adapted to new needs: the secondary raw material is not anymore like a poor  material but an added technical and technological value.
The program is visible at the link: