techtextil Francoforte

OMMI will attend at the next TECHTEXTIL international fair at the Frankfurt exhibition center (D) on 21-24 June 2022, by the stand E91 Hall 12.0. It will introduce the most advanced solutions in the sectors of opening and blending of fibers with the OMMIBLEND ™ range but also with the patented RECOLINE® technology. This exclusive technology is deeply on line with the expectations of the European Community for the regeneration of fibers from textile waste such as from the clothing industry rather then of the technical sectors such as the non-woven fabrics and post-consumer clothing as well. The Main Focus is indeed on the re-qualification of the fibers aiming at the quality and exaltation of own tech-characteristic, by restoring due dignity to a precious secondary raw material such as natural fibers but also artificial and synthetic ones as well, for high-quality processing.