RECOLINE® is an OMMI’s innovative patented technology. Today it constitutes the most convincing answer to the emerging demand from the Fashion’ World which wants to include into the new collections more and more recycled raw materials and precisely secondary raw materials regenerated by processes that recover the fibers from waste produced by the textile industry itself or from post-consumer clothing. In fact, to develop quality products it is necessary that the fibers are recovered with a technology that does not tear them but processes them progressively, reducing breakages and dust and bringing the fibers back to workable raw material in quality spinning processes, qualities that Recoline® covers in full. Recoline® is a technology that comes from OMMI’s 30 years experience in the world of textile waste processing as founding partner of the Italiana Regenerazione™ well known producer of tearing machines. Among other innovative solutions, the machines is properly studied for an easy access in case of planned cleaning and maintenance. Today Recoline® constitutes the evolution of tearing processes in a qualitative and not just a quantitative sense. Natural and artificial fibers are almost a value that it is possible to perpetuate over time; wasting them in the incineration plants constitutes a lack of respect for the Planet and the history of the evolution of humanity. Recoline® is engineered for a 4.0 industry.